"Lets embark on a historic journey together, electing Delaware's first Independent U.S. Senator - dedicated to eradicating corruption and dismantling the influence of money ingrained in the very fabric of America's governance."  -Dr. Mike Katz

Delaware's strength lies in the resilience of its citizens and their unwavering dedication to community service. However, the corrosive impact of money from wealthy donors, businesses, and special interests has tainted the integrity of America's political landscape. This enduring influence has stifled the voices of ordinary citizens, eroding the fundamental principle of equal representation.

Dr. Mike Katz stands as a trailblazer on the forefront of a transformative mission—an initiative to obliterate corruption and expel the influence of money from the very fabric of America's governance. His vision isn't merely change; it's a paradigm shift. Dr. Katz transcends traditional political governance, advocating for a system led by citizen servant leaders. In this redefined culture of selfless leadership, citizens willingly step forward, volunteering to serve their communities.

Now is the moment to harness your power, reclaim democracy, mend national divisions, and revive the American Dream for all families, liberating ourselves from the shackles of favoritism. How? Pour your unique talents, experience, contacts, and passion into propelling this grassroots movement for change.

Whether you see yourself distributing flyers, engaging in doorstep conversations, hosting a Dr. Mike Katz House Call for Delaware, becoming a social media influencer, or spearheading voter registration efforts, Dr. Mike's campaign eagerly anticipates and values your contribution to create a lasting impact.

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