Stop the Corruption of America's Government:

Never Again Donate to a Political Campaign!


Democracy thrives when the voices of the people are heard, free from the influence of money. Democracy should be about the power of ideas, not the depth of pockets.  -Dr. Mike Katz

Have you ever received an urgent email or text to give money to a political campaign? Who hasn’t?! In America’s political system, if you don’t give (your money) to political parties and politicians, you don’t have a voice. And if you don’t have a voice, you don’t exist!

America’s government and politicians are bought and paid for by wealthy donors, business, and special interests. These groups invest billions of dollars each election cycle through Super PACs and dark money to buy access and influence in Congress to manipulate legislation for corporate and personal gain.

In 2020, federal election spending of $14.8 billion shattered previous spending records, and the 2022 mid-term federal elections set a mid-term spending record of $8.9, most of which was spent on political consultants, campaign staff salaries, and paid media (Open Secrets). The 2024 election cycle is expected to exceed all previous federal election spending to become the most expensive election ever.

There exists in American politics an ever-escalating fundraising and spending race between the two major political parties. America’s elections are big business that serve to keep the political elite and the Democratic and Republican parties in power.

Instead of working to eradicate the influence of money from governance, politicians prioritize and cement the culture of money in governance by a never-ending cycle of fundraising for their next election.

Even in Delaware, politicians coerce citizens to contribute their hard-earned dollars to their campaign with relentless emails and messages stating:

  • "We're pacing behind on fundraising. If we fall short now, we very well might have to trim next year's budget"
  • "Everyone from the press to my opponents and the (x) super PACs are watching to see if we have the resources to defend this seat."
  • "Pundits will use our fundraising as a bellwether of the viability of this campaign."
  • "In fact, my finance team just informed me that we fell just short of last week's fundraising projections."
  • “Right now – the most important thing you can do to help me win is chip in before the end of the quarter”
  • “an unfortunate truth about politics is that a campaigns’ success is measured by how much money they raise and how many people donate to a campaign”
  • “now that (an opponent from the other party) has just entered the race, the (other party) will be spending big to help him out – so this is urgent”
  • “we can’t give a single inch when it comes to Senate control”.

Citizens should not have to give money to politicians to have a voice, and America’s governance should not be dependent on the influence and corruption of money.

Since our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were adopted, service in government has intended to be an obligation of citizens to serve country and community. John Adams warned: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the Republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other”. Unfortunately, service to government and country has been supplanted and corrupted by the self-serving interests of the two political parties and their entitled politicians who have winning as their guiding core value.

If Americans are reluctant to sacrifice self-interests in order to serve their country and community to build a better future, then we are collectively culpable for the failure of our Republic to sustain its founding principles of liberty, justice, equality, and citizen representation. Societal apathy to serve and sacrifice has relinquished our governance and America’s promise to career politicians who have pledged their allegiance to party, special interests, and political power.

It is now time to eradicate the influence and corruption of money and career politicians from America’s governance. America was founded on the basic principle that its power resides within the citizens entitled to vote. Reclaiming America’s “government of the people, by the people, for the people” demands that every citizen fulfill their civic duties by informing themselves about civics and government function, serving in their communities, and voting for qualified independent minded servant leaders who are devoted to solving problems to improve our society.

The restoration of a strong American Republic requires a paradigm shift from political governance, to a post-political era of governance by citizen servant leaders. In a renewed culture of servitude leadership, citizens selflessly step away from personal lives, sacrificing personal goals and advantage, to serve for the benefit of those they lead. They work to eradicate the influence of money and special interests from governing because they care more about how they can help others and solving problems, than about any personal gain or recognition they could receive.

Every Delawarean has the ability and the duty to “answer the call to action”  to restore a strong American Republic, to transform America’s government from a political governance paradigm, to a post-political era of governance by citizen servant leaders that once again serves the needs of its citizens and returns power back to you. Stop giving money to political campaigns and instead volunteer your time and become informed on candidates' skill sets and experiences to determine who is best qualified to serve Delaware and America.

"Let's embark on a historic journey together, electing Delaware's first Independent U.S. Senator - dedicated to eradicating corruption and dismantling the influence of money ingrained in the very fabric of America's governance." -Dr. Mike Katz

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Dr. Mike Katz Refuses Donations. Dr. Mike Katz for U.S. Senate is an all volunteer campaign and is eradicating the influence of money on government. We will never ask for money. Dr. Mike believes that the millions of dollars other candidates spend on their campaigns can be better spent helping Americans in need and improving our education and health systems.

Dr. Mike Katz for U.S. Senate asks all Delawareans to fulfill their civic duty by serving their community and voting in every election for qualified independent servant leaders who are devoted to solving problems to improve our society.