Teen Health and Social Media

(Featuring Mount Pleasant High School Students and Faculty)

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What About Our Kids? Teen Health and Social Media

Link: https://youtu.be/vDBAZlXo_Rk

Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Sharon Baker presented her new film on April 17 at Mount Pleasant High School. What About Our Kids? Features mental health practitioners, educators, and teens, directly addressing teen mental health, social media, and how the caring adults in their lives can help them.

Immediately following the screening, a panel discussion of experts responded and reacted to the film, sharing their unique expertise in brain science, trauma-informed care, education, and public health – leading a highly interactive discussion to encourage critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and empowering positive change.

A strong and healthy America begins with our children having healthy minds and bodies.

Our children are our communities’ and nation’s future. As a pediatric critical care anesthesiologist, I encourage every person interested in learning about how we can help support our children to watch this video.

Ken Ginsburg MD says that as adults, we need to “Take the time to be there, listen to the kids”, let them know that “you got this, you are the expert of your own life. You may not have figured out all the answers yet”, but “kids are worth the problem being solved”. "Adults need to do better."

The Panelists:

Sharon Baker, President and Sr. Producer, Founder of Teleduction

Dr. Monica Bocanegra, Psychologist in Private Practice

Curi Calderon-Lacy, Principal of Mount Pleasant High School

Dr. Teri Lawler, Eduacation Associate, Trauma-Informed Practices & Social and Emotional Learning

Dr. Julius Mullen, Chief inclusion Officer, Children and Families First

Support for the Program: Delaware Psychological Association, American Rescue Plan, The Wings Foundation