Invite Dr. Mike Katz for a House Call

house call: (noun) ‘haus-kol’: a visit (as by a doctor) to a home to provide medical care (Mirriam Webster Dictionary)

(Note: House Calls for Delaware are non-medical listening meetings to talk about the important issues and problems facing Delawareans. No Medical Advice is discussed or provided.)

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Dr. Mike Katz learned early in his medical career that one of the most important things to do when caring for a patient is to “listen to the patient”. Modern medicine’s true healing power depends on physicians listening to their patients, listening to their stories, learning about what is bothering them and what is important to them, and working together to solve complex problems.

Just as in medicine, Mike knows that the ability for a U.S. Senator to be effective in solving the complex problems facing Delaware and America requires listening to and learning from the citizens he will represent and serve.

As a physician, business owner, and long-time public servant, Mike is highly skilled in sitting down with people of all backgrounds listening about their fears and concerns, and what they think needs to be done to solve their problems.

Mike knows how to build trusted relationships based on listening, compassion, empathy, and solving problems. He wants to meet with you, your neighbors, your church, your organization, your community, and ALL DELAWAREANS to discuss the problems and challenges you are dealing with, and what you think needs to be done to fix what is broken in your community and America.

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The Dr. Mike Katz for U.S. Senate Campaign is an All Volunteer Campaign. We are working to eradicate corruption and money from America’s Government and we ask you to Volunteer to help us change America for the better. (Click Here to See Volunteer Opportunities)

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