Democracy thrives when the voices of the people are heard, free from the influence of money. Democracy should be about the power of ideas, not the depth of pockets.

Eradicating the influence of money from America’s elections and governance is critical for a government that truly represents its people. When money speaks louder than voices, the very foundation of America’s democracy is at stake.

Dr. Mike Katz Refuses Donations! His Campaign for U.S. Senate is assisted by all Volunteers. Dr. Mike believes that the millions of dollars other candidates spend on their campaigns can be better spent helping Americans in need and improving our education and health systems.

Join Dr. Mike Katz in his mission to recover America’s democracy in which every citizen’s voice matters, not just those with the biggest bank accounts.

When we remove the influence of money from our elections and governance, we ensure a government that is accountable, transparent, and works for the benefit of all Americans.

Because Dr. Mike Katz Refuses Donations:

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