"Let's embark on a historic journey together, electing Delaware's first Independent U.S. Senator - dedicated to eradicating corruption and dismantling the influence of money ingrained in the very fabric of America's governance."  -Dr. Mike Katz

Dr. Mike Katz for Delaware!

Greetings Delaware!

Meet Dr. Mike Katz, the Independent candidate running for the U.S. Senate - representing Delaware.

Dr. Mike’s movement doesn’t rely on massive corporate advertising budgets: instead, it thrives on the power of word-of-mouth, fueled by people like you. Dr. Mike Katz Refuses Donations. His Campaign is assisted by all Volunteers.

Your voice holds more weight and trust than any commercial or ad in the eyes of your friends, family, and community. They want to know why you stand behind Dr. Mike Katz’s message of change.

Dr. Mike brings a unique blend of skills to the table – he’s not only a Physician, but also a Business Owner, Critical Thinker, Problem Solver, and a Servant Leader.

Recognized as an unwavering and trusted Change Agent, Dr. Mike is powered by the support of citizens, not by money. His mission? To wipe out corruption and the stranglehold of money on our government, reinstating America’s governance to the hands of its citizens, people just like you.

Dr. Mike considers each of his supporters as honorary field captains. Do you know where our closest field office is in your community? It’s right in your living room! We rely on dozens of volunteers, much like yourself, to drive this genuine grassroots revolution forward.

Let’s join forces to spread the word about the most qualified candidate to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate: Dr. Mike Katz for U.S. Senate. Together, let’s ignite the spark of positive change!

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