Organizational Structure of the Offices of Delaware U.S. Senator Mike Katz

The organizational structure of U.S. Senator Dr. Mike Katz’s Delaware offices will be designed to prioritize community-based services and outreach, accessibility, and the provision of quick, responsive, and high-quality support to all Delawareans. Leveraging Delaware’s smaller size and population, this structure will allow for a highly responsive and community-focused approach to citizen services. Senator Katz and his staff are dedicated to serving the citizens of Delaware with commitment and excellence.

Executive Leadership

Chief Healthcare Officer: Focuses on healthcare policy, manages healthcare-related citizen services, and collaborates with healthcare organizations to ensure quick and effective responses to healthcare needs.

Chief Education Officer: Oversees education-related issues, engages with educational institutions, and manages education-related citizen services to provide swift support and solutions.

Chief Economics Officer: Provides economic analysis, manages economic policy initiatives, and addresses economic-related citizen concerns with a focus on timely and effective assistance.

Chief Veterans Affairs Officer: Focuses on veterans' issues, outreach, provides support for veterans' services, and works with veterans' organizations to deliver high-quality, responsive services to Delaware veterans and their families.

Chief Senior Services Officer: Leads the development and implementation of programs and initiatives designed to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens, ensuring access to healthcare, social services, and community engagement. Strategic planning, partnership building, and oversight of service delivery to meet the unique needs of Delaware’s elderly population.

Chief First Responders and Public Safety Officer: Supports Delaware’s public safety and first responders, collaborates with representative organizations, and ensures the safety and well-being of citizens by addressing issues and needs related to first responders and public safety professionals.

Director of Affordable Housing: Addresses affordable housing issues, engages with housing organizations, and manages housing-related citizen services to ensure quick and accessible housing solutions.

Director of Environment and Health Safety: Focuses on environmental issues, collaborates with environmental organizations, and handles environment-related citizen concerns to provide fast and effective responses to protect Delaware and America’s environment.


County Leadership

Each county office, located in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties, will include:

County Office Manager: Oversees operations within the county, manages staff, and coordinates county outreach and citizen services to ensure efficient and responsive service delivery.

County Citizen Services Director: Manages the team responsible for responding to citizen inquiries, casework, and service requests, ensuring timely and effective services to all citizens.

County Outreach Director: Develops and implements outreach strategies, coordinates community engagement, and builds relationships with local organizations and leaders to maintain strong community ties.


Comprehensive Outreach and Engagement

Dedicated outreach teams will work diligently to build strong community ties and ensure that important issues and problems are quickly addressed. These teams are vital in maintaining a close connection with constituents and understanding their needs and concerns, ensuring that we are always accessible and ready to serve.


Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

The Delaware offices of Senator Mike Katz will be service-driven and regularly reviewed using performance measures and metrics. Citizen evaluations and continuous process improvements will be employed to ensure high-quality, responsive, efficient, and effective citizen services. This approach aims to help Delawareans and their families live healthy, well-educated, economically successful, and happy lives.


Commitment to Service

The office of Senator Mike Katz belongs to all Delawareans. The doors will always be open, and Senator Katz encourages every school and family to visit the Capitol Offices for tours and discussions.

Senator Katz’s organizational structure is built around a strong, experienced leadership core, decentralized regional offices, and specialized chief officers to provide top-tier, responsive, citizen-driven services. Our open-door policy in county offices and the Washington D.C. office ensures that we are always accessible and transparent. The primary objective is to solve problems and provide responsive services to all Delawareans, maintaining a focus on service to Delaware while ensuring national policies improve the lives of Delawareans and Americans alike.

We are here to serve you. Our commitment is to be accessible, provide quick, high-quality services, and maintain an open-door policy. Senator Katz’s Delaware and Washington offices are dedicated to ensuring that every Delawarean receives the attention, support, and solutions they need. Your needs are our priority, and our team is here to serve you with dedication and excellence.