July 9, 2024

Dr. Mike Katz Independent for United States Senate

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Dr. Mike Katz Pledges to Introduce Term Limits Legislation Within First 90 Days in Office


Wilmington, DE – Dr. Mike Katz, the 2024 Independent nominee for United States Senate, has announced a bold commitment to introduce term limits legislation within the first 90 days of being sworn into office. This decisive action is aimed at transforming American politics by enhancing the functionality, fairness, and integrity of the legislative process.


A Return to Founding Principles

Dr. Katz emphasizes the vision of the founding fathers for a government led by citizen legislators—individuals who would serve temporarily and then return to their private lives. "Today, many politicians remain in office for decades, prioritizing their positions over genuine public service," said Dr. Katz. "Term limits will reinvigorate the original vision of temporary public service, ensuring that elected officials remain dedicated to the common good rather than personal career and financial advancement."


Reducing Corruption and Enhancing Representation

Long-term incumbency often leads to entrenched relationships with lobbyists and special interest groups, resulting in policies that favor a select few over the general populace. By limiting the time an individual can serve, term limits will disrupt these relationships, reducing opportunities for corruption and undue influence. "Implementing term limits is crucial to fixing our broken Congress and returning our nation’s government to one that serves the best interests of all citizens," Dr. Katz stated.


Promoting Servant Leadership

At the core of Dr. Katz's proposal is the principle of servant leadership—putting service above self and people above party. "Elected officials should be servants of the people, not career politicians," Dr. Katz asserted. "Term limits will cultivate a culture of humility and dedication to public service, ensuring that those in office prioritize the needs and well-being of their constituents over personal ambition and partisan interests."


Benefits of Term Limits

Dr. Katz outlined several key benefits of implementing term limits:

  1. Preventing Career Politicians: Ensuring elected officials focus on public service rather than personal career advancement, placing people above party, service above self.
  2. Reducing Corruption: Minimizing opportunities for politicians to form long-term relationships with lobbyists and special interest groups, eradicating the influence of money on our government.
  3. Encouraging Fresh Ideas: Bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to Congress.
  4. Increasing Accountability: Motivating politicians to make meaningful changes within their limited time in office.
  5. Enhancing Representation: Reflecting the changing demographics and opinions of the electorate.
  6. Limiting Power Accumulation: Promoting a balanced and fair distribution of power within Congress.
  7. Encouraging Political Participation: Inspiring more individuals to run for office, increasing political engagement. Opening the door for citizens with lifelong private sector career experience and expertise to step up to serve their community and country.
  8. Reducing Partisanship: Fostering collaboration across party lines to achieve legislative goals.
  9. Promoting Fairness: Leveling the playing field by reducing incumbents' advantages in elections.
  10. Improving Legislative Efficiency: Motivating new members to pass meaningful legislation promptly.
  11. Adapting to Change: Ensuring the legislative body remains responsive to contemporary problems.


A Call to Action

Dr. Katz's pledge to introduce term limits legislation within the first 90 days in office is a call to action for a better future. "By focusing on these principles, we can restore faith in our government and ensure it truly serves the interests of the people," Dr. Katz concluded. "Join me in this fight for a better Congress and a better America. Together, we can turn the tide and ensure that our government truly serves its people."



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