First Responders

Delaware’s first responders are the guardians of our communities – they are not just public servants but our neighbors, friends, and pillars of strength. Operating tirelessly around the clock, these dedicated individuals, comprising police, fire, and emergency medical staff, go above and beyond to ensure our collective health and safety. In their unwavering commitment to service, they often endure long, challenging shifts, putting themselves at personal risk to assist those in need.

These true examples of servant leaders embody resilience in the face of understaffed, overworked, and underpaid conditions. Despite these challenges, they faithfully report for duty day and night, securing our communities and allowing us to rest peacefully. Their motivation isn’t grounded in the pursuit of recognition, but rather in the satisfaction of a job well done in the service of others.Senator Mike Katz with Delaware Firefighter Leadership

(Senator Mike Katz meeting with Delaware Firefighters Leadership - 2011)

It’s time for our society to recognize the invaluable contributions of these first responders. Their indispensable role in maintaining the safety and well-being of our communities ensures the smooth functioning of our civil society. As a collective responsibility, we have an obligation to solve the problems faced by our first responders, including staffing and pay deficits, equipment and resource shortages, physical and mental health needs, workplace violence, and the obligation to demonstrate unwavering community support.

These dedicated individuals consistently prioritize our safety and well-being, executing complex life-saving tasks that demand important skills and sacrifice. Yet, their efforts often go unnoticed. By making a comprehensive commitment to support the needs of our first responders, we demonstrate our recognition and gratitude for their service. It’s time to unite and reassure our first responders, those who selflessly serve us, that we steadfastly appreciate them, support them, and that we unequivocally “got their back”.