As a pediatric trained anesthesiologist and critical care physician, Dr. Mike Katz understands the critical role that early childhood and secondary education play in enabling children to discover and develop their interests and talents, and for preparing young minds for success in both academic and life pursuits.

Dr. Mike believes that the United States education system has failed to ensure universal access to high-quality education for every child. This systemic shortcoming has hindered America from realizing its full potential in terms of overall well-being, prosperity, and the enduring sustainability of our society. Mike prioritizes his commitments to addressing and rectifying these educational disparities to foster a more prosperous future for every child, regardless of zip code.

Early childhood education plays a critical role in shaping a person’s success throughout life. The experiences and learning opportunities provided during a child’s earliest years have a lasting impact on all aspects of their development. The early years of a child’s life are a period of rapid brain development. Quality early childhood education programs facilitate cognitive, emotional, and academic development by providing experiences that facilitate neural connections. This early foundation sets the stage for future learning that affects future social, emotional, language, cognitive and behavioral development.

Children who receive a strong early childhood and secondary education are more likely to pursue higher education that directly impacts their health and economic success throughout life. And a healthy well-educated society makes for a strong competitive America.

Michael Katz


Dr. Mike Katz is an Independent Servant Leader Running for U.S. Senate to Represent All Delawareans and America. He is a Physician, Critical Thinker, Problem Solver, Business Man, and Family Man of Faith.